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Why Does It Deform When Pipe Facing Machine Rolling

Luoyang Deping Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Why does it deform when Pipe Facing Machine rolling

In the initial stage of rolling, the deformation is primarily caused by the blade edge of the blade, which is accompanied by the addition of the cutting depth. The two sides of the blade are more and more useful for the deformation of the blade. By the end of the cut, the skin is thinner and thinner, so the resistance of radial contraction deformation is smaller and smaller. At this point, the axial tensile stress of the axial tension of the blade becomes the primary use of the axial tensile stress, and when the stress exceeds the tensile strength of the material, the steel pipe is cut off.

Pipe Facing Machine design process, to all the relevant process parameters, cutting tool style, parameters, such as rolling temperature and smooth cut due to the cable, made a fine, Taiwan, intern will confirm the Pipe Facing Machine process conditions can get full satisfaction.

Pipeline in the punching groove machine, with wedge blade bite, steel pipe under the use of radial pressure, intense and complicated deformation occurs, such deformation, is caused by on both sides of the blade edge and used in the steel pipe. The cutting edge of the steel pipe is subjected to radial contraction, tangential expansion and axial extension. To the radial shrinkage and radial shrinkage include copper tube material argue their radial shrinkage, the former refers to material to reducing use occur inside the steel pipe rolling, the latter is the primary deformation of rolling cut only the steel pipe to be cut off the plastic. After the blade has been rolled manually, the material of the department is truncated along the cut to make the workpiece elliptic.

Pipe Facing Machine using life, we will look at groove knife can change in time, for if the groove of Pipe Facing Machine, knife already wear is very serious, but we are still not change groove knife that Pipe Facing Machine to use the machine load is big, long load is big, the machine is easy damaged, in clearly feel pipe bore groove machine, there is a big spark accordingly with noise is not normal, need to open the machine changed the blades of the wear and tear, accurately follow the use of standardized operation, as well as useful supplement use life. Often times, the entrance pipeline groove machine takes 5, 6 years is the absolute no problem, certainly in the workload and the work intensity big words, the whole also takes the situation to decide.

Initially as machinery and equipment are not durable resistance first is still depends on the operator, appliance is again good, if the operator does not adjust, machine long overworked, perhaps is very simple machine damage, as the entrance car also, millions of the entrance of the car is not good, former may not be ready to adjust the vehicles of cheap cheap and durable.

Was followed appliance can good use, but also to mediate, many authentic international inlet Pipe Facing Machine why life is long, is because each Pipe Facing Machine before leaving the factory, through the staff of dedicated machine engineer or consistent position adjustment, so we might as well get started directly, also can feel very smooth to use, map production assembly line, and often just the end of the assembly, and is the current test drilling rate can normal, less line debugging before several environmental and timber, the end on the products, we also need further fine-tuning, the first is convenient we use, the second is to supplement we use life.

Pipe groove to ensure safety in the work, is each and every operator concerned topic, in fact, dangerous because people caused by careless, when we talk about how to how to operating under the Pipe Facing Machine is more safe.

First, pipe groove on the strength and the precision of the cutting tool or mold must conform to the requirements of the need to cut material cutting, if not meet, must be timely response with leadership, and cutting to sharp, sounding rj is installed under the stable with the hand, tighten solid is the biggest security, security in transmission belt, do you want to see if there are any shield, avoid the material pulverized splashed out to hurt themselves, at the time of operation, banned removed.

Second, open the Pipe Facing Machine before work, let it be idle for a while, see if there is any abnormality, can continue to work without it.

Thirdly, knives and cutlery should be firmly established, and if the trouble is not strong enough, it will be difficult to imagine the consequences of flying out in the process of operation.

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