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Welding Pay Tractor Working Principle

Luoyang Deping Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Welding Pay Tractor working principle
In order to make the production more convenient in industrial production, Welding Pay Tractors are often used to assist in the work. But there are a considerable number of people on the Welding Pay Tractor is not a special understanding, but heard such a term only, in the end what is not clear. So now we take a look at our mouth to confuse the Welding Pay Tractor in the end what kind of it
First, let's see what is the Welding Pay Tractor. Welding Pay Tractors as the name suggests is the pipeline or plate in the front end of the welding groove chamfering of the special tools. It can solve the grinding machine grinding and other operating techniques on the angle is not standardized or rough slope and the work of noise and other shortcomings. Welding Pay Tractor has the advantages of simple operation, angle standard, smooth surface and so on. From the characteristics of processing materials to be divided into: pipe Welding Pay Tractors, flat Welding Pay Tractors two. Pipe Welding Pay Tractors are divided into: electric pipe Welding Pay Tractors and pneumatic pipe Welding Pay Tractors; pipe Welding Pay Tractors from the fixed way points should be divided into: the rise of pipe Welding Pay Tractors and foreign card-type pipe cutting Welding Pay Tractors.
Second, the use of Welding Pay Tractors is very broad, mainly applicable to: processing before welding the groove, the hole can be outside the groove processing, but also on the metal material to the burr. The versatility and flexibility of the tractor can save a lot of work time and reduce the labor intensity, thus saving the enterprise cost and improving the work efficiency.
Third, the characteristics of the Welding Pay Tractor: double insulation protection; standard V-type roller guide; work without fumes, no heat fog, no vibration; slope oblique edge without burr; unique gear motor design; comfortable safe operation handle ; The use of carbide blade; unique design to effectively prevent paint peeling. Light weight, small size, easy to carry.
Fourth, the operation of the tractor when the note: before use to check whether the electrical insulation is good, ground is reliable, and in use, should wear insulated hand, wear insulated shoes, pad insulation pad; work in the furnace , Must be two co-operation at the same time; before cutting to check whether there is any abnormal rotation, lubrication is good, and the car test, before cutting; in the cutting, the workpiece to be tightened; used to remember to cut off the power.
Welding Pay Tractor is the use of high-speed milling cutter cutter working principle, specifically for the steel plate before welding a groove groove welding equipment. Mainly divided into automatic walking steel plate Welding Pay Tractors, large-scale Welding Pay Tractors and CNC steel Welding Pay Tractors several. Widely used in boilers, pressure vessels, shipbuilding, electricity, petrochemical, engineering machinery manufacturing and other fields. Machinable all kinds of low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy plate in the welding before the hypotenuse, straight edge, U-shaped groove and so on.
 For large steel or man-made steel can not move, we want to put the steel plate in about 70CM high table, the Welding Pay Tractor pushed on the steel plate, Welding Pay Tractor with the next support wheel hand pressing steel plate, open the shaft power, low speed Slow forward, until the cutter began to complete the cutting steel plate, according to the actual processing capacity to adjust the machine walking speed. Normal work after the need for moderate monitoring can be. No human intervention.
Welding Pay Tractor with its significant advantages in the production of spiral welded pipe is widely used. Compared with the disc shear, Welding Pay Tractor to improve the board edge processing quality, so that the molding process and welding more stable; reduce the plate consumption; improve production safety. However, milling process also has inherent shortcomings, poor control will lead to a series of molding, welding defects, such as stomata, slag, not penetration, burning collapse, welding bias, irregular welds and so on. The Welding Pay Tractor should be used correctly.

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