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Automatic Welding System USES Groove Knife

Luoyang Deping Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Automatic Welding System USES groove knife

Automatic Welding System for cutting the role has been recognized by the market, for Automatic Welding System to remove by lhe swelling block size to match different range of groove cutting operation, the requirement of the crevasse knife can also according to different need groove on the difference of the material.

1. The groove knife is an important part of Automatic Welding System groove, such as the external pipe Automatic Welding System cutting, which requires different types of cracked knives. The style of the broken knife determines the port style after the break.

2. Groove knives are usually selected according to the desired style, but the material of the groove is also changed according to different materials of the groove. For example, Automatic Welding System used for stainless steel, alloy steel, cast iron, etc. For example, the type of carbon steel in Q235 is required to use the tool steel material.

3, Automatic Welding System using a variety of groove type need to make sure that groove cutter for material groove ability, thus to breach the keenness of the sword and all kinds of defects are the Automatic Welding System work.

We learned from the maintenance staff how to carry out the daily maintenance of Automatic Welding System. Today, I will give you some information on how to carry out weekly maintenance and monthly maintenance for this type of equipment.

First, careful of the visible parts of the equipment is wiped, ensure no pollution there, because a small oil is likely to speed up the aging of equipment parts, so seemingly shiva mother steps is go well. Secondly, the oil tank is filled with lubricating fluid or the coolant is replaced under the condition. The Automatic Welding System can operate normally. Finally, check whether the equipment safety device in the normal position, if changed or loss of the components to transfer the case records in the file, so that the next day another operator before the operation can be used according to the previous day's record for effective protection measures, this not only ensures the equipment safe and reliable, also can ensure the personal safety of operators.

Did you feel week is a little similar maintenance with maintenance, indeed, weekly maintenance and maintenance are built on the appearance or safety equipment maintenance equipment, actually the pipeline Automatic Welding System of maintenance and maintenance, the most important still is month because maintenance is a maintenance of equipment inside.

First, if there is a hydraulic system in the equipment, it is necessary to carefully clean up the filtration device to check whether there is oil leakage in the oil circuit. If there is any, the maintenance will be eliminated.

Second, to check the transmission System very, very carefully, the driving belt and chain device in it is the second life of Automatic Welding System of pipeline.

Third, check the machine switch System board, all of them, and if found to have a short circuit or loosening of Welding mouth, to contact letter chi maintenance personnel, and there is a problem of pipeline Automatic Welding System and good separation, in case the operator take by mistake.

Fourth, check whether the bolts of the equipment are all fastened, and no fastening can be fixed directly by the screwdriver.

Automatic Welding System cutting is the pre-process of Welding, so the quality of cutting directly affects whether the Welding work can be carried out smoothly. The groove cutting is one kind of cutting, also called the groove. It is necessary to weld the groove of the cutting board to weld the product through and weld it.

At present, the Automatic Welding System enterprises generally use CNC cutting machine and beveling machine, cutting groove cutting robot, car or manual processing method, after twice or even three times, to complete the Automatic Welding System groove, groove Welding allowance need to be amplified. Therefore, this kind of groove cutting not only cut the production efficiency low, but also the material waste serious. NC bevel cutting technology is through the programming of NC bevel nesting software on the computer to complete parts in advance of groove set and groove parts nesting and programming, generated with groove cutting command of NC cutting nesting file, and then a one-time whole board on CNC groove cutting machine parts nesting and cutting, thus effectively save steel, improve the groove cutting quality and efficiency.

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