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Automatic Welding System Reasonable Use

Luoyang Deping Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Automatic Welding System reasonable use
Automatic Welding System with its significant advantages in the production of spiral welded pipe is widely used. Compared with the disc shear, Automatic Welding System to improve the quality of the board edge processing, welding and welding process more stable; reduce the plate consumption; improve production safety. However, milling process also has inherent shortcomings, poor control will lead to a series of molding, welding defects, such as stomata, slag, not penetration, burning collapse, welding bias, irregular welds and so on. The Automatic Welding System milling method should be used correctly.
1, a reasonable choice of milling processes and parameters
According to the actual situation of production reasonable choice milling edge process. In the case of guaranteed production, try to use single milling process, select the type Ⅰ groove, so that the milling edge defects and easy to process. Select the appropriate working width, the general choice of 8-10mm of the amount of milling. Ie milling working width = the narrowest actual plate width -8mm.
2, flexible adjustment of Automatic Welding System
Under certain circumstances, the Automatic Welding System can be flexibly adjusted to suit different situations. If the steel plate working width deviation of 1-3mm, the general will not affect the quality of molding; plate edge deviation from the delivery line 1-3mm when the basic can be controlled. Therefore, when the steel plate can not control the demolition will be, you can fine-tune the bedside box to control. Another situation is: If part of the coil width is not excessive, can be fine-tuning the Automatic Welding System to reduce the working width of the blade milling, to extend its life.
3, standard use and blade replacement
Automatic Welding System must be regularly lubricated, maintenance, to ensure the equipment intact and stability. Must use wear-resistant, better heat dissipation coating blade, and timely, regular replacement. Need to pay attention to: milling cutter to pursue the overall effect, if only part of the blade replacement, will cause "metal wire" defects, will increase the work of other blade strength, therefore, the tool must be replaced.
 Automatic Welding System is in the welding process, in order to ensure the quality of welding, welding in the workpiece before the need for welding at the mouth of a professional machine, Automatic Welding System and plate Automatic Welding System is mainly for the plate for the groove , Part of the Automatic Welding System can be equipped with pipe groove function. Is a widely applicable to the ship, metallurgy, steel and other welding manufacturing industry, welding and cutting auxiliary equipment.
 Before the welding with the flame before the cutting, slow, but also manual grinding, time-consuming, labor costs, and now with the development of power tools, the introduction of foreign technology, Automatic Welding System industry rise, flame cutting is gradually Automatic Welding System replacement, Automatic Welding System using cold cutting, slope without oxidation, fast, easy to adjust the groove angle, groove without grinding can be directly used for welding, encountered large-scale plate machine can be turned to achieve both sides of the groove. Compared to flame cutting, save time, save trouble, provincial cost. Now a large number of enterprises (steel structure, metallurgy, pressure vessels, shipbuilding, etc.) are using Automatic Welding System, one can imagine the Automatic Welding System in the welding field plays an important role in the welding industry is indispensable a part of.
Automatic Welding System products through the industry technical staff of the technological innovation, not only can be processed with the angle of the groove processing, but also can be 0 degrees of groove flat work, in the 0 degree groove processing, Automatic Welding System Has the following characteristics:
Automatic Welding System processing 0 degree groove, can be a small range of processing to adjust the milling depth. To make a simple example, we can adjust the amount of 0 when the amount of groove, under normal circumstances due to no rail processing, we do not recommend to 0 degrees bevel processing capacity is too large, when set too large may lead to the mother The width of the plate head is inconsistent.

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